Payment and Delivery

Payment Methods

Credit Card Payments

The most economical way to pay!

Credit Card Payment Details

Credit Card Transaction Fee: Free

Accepted Cards


Credit Card
  • * Please note that debit cards and prepaid cards may not be available depending on the card company.

Convenience store prepayment

Details of convenience store prepayment

The payment number will be displayed or notified on the screen after order completion and the e-mail address entered at the time of ordering, so please bring that number to the convenience store and pay. Payment is possible at major convenience stores nationwide (Seven Eleven, Lawson, Family Mart, Seiko Mart, Ministop, Daily Yamazaki).

Convenience store prepayment fee: ¥153 (tax included)
Payment date: Please pay within 7 days from order.

Be careful
  1. Please note that if you do not pay within 7 days of ordering, it will be automatically canceled.
  2. Please note that if you choose the payment method of convenience store prepayment, “bulk delivery” will not be applied.

COD (Cash on Delivery)

COD Details

This is a safe payment method where you pay in full when your package is delivered.

COD commission: ¥550 (tax included)(nationwide uniform) *carriage included

  • *Please pay the delivery driver when your package is delivered.
Japan Post

Delivery Guidelines

Your order should be sent within 10 days of being placed, however it may take longer during Golden Week, the end of year holidays, and other holidays.

About Tracking Shipments

If you are using a JAPAN POST YU-PACKET:

All items shipped from us can be tracked.
We will send a tracking number to your email address when your order has shipped. Please use this number to track your shipment.

If you are using COD:

Shipping and Handling

About Shipping

Since I am writing on the screen at the time of purchase about shipping fee, please confirm.

About Handling

For Credit Card Payments

Transaction Fee: ¥0

COD Payments

COD Fee: ¥550 (tax included)(nationwide uniform) *carriage included

Calculation of Shipping and Handling Plus Payment Method Fees

For Credit Card Payments

Product price + postage

COD Payments

Product price + COD fee (including postage)

Combined Delivery

Even if you have placed them separately, orders can be combined and shipped together with a single shipping fee, as long as the orders are all headed to the same address.

  • *registered members only

About The Details of Conclusion Delivery

  1. Member registration is required. In a guest order, conclusion delivery cannot do.Convenience store prepayment payments are not eligible for consolidation. Please be forewarned.
  2. “Conclusion delivery” with the last orders has been 24 hours since it obtained the last order last time during the possible period.
    If you can newly place an order within 24 hours after the last order last time, it will be the target of “conclusion delivery” with the last orders.
    When the last order is also “conclusion delivery”, all also of a part for those orders are summarized, and it becomes “conclusion delivery.”
  3. It is applied when the report method and a receiver’s address are the same.
    • *Please keep in mind that it will not be the target of “conclusion delivery” if the receiver’s address address in at least one character is different in order to distinguish automatically by a system.
  4. Even when you order “video” and a “photograph” within 24 hours, since time for delivery differs between “video” and a “photograph”, they do not become conclusion delivery.Please understand the situation beforehand.
  5. If you purchase “data”, you will be able to download it from My Page after your order is confirmed.

Steps Customers Need to Take

There is nothing in particular that customers must do. The system automatically combines orders if possible.