FAQ – Before Purchasing

Can I make purchases without registering as a member?
You can make purchases without registering, but you will not be able to store and save photos or access features such as viewing your order history.
What are the benefits of registering?

You’ll receive the following benefits if you register.

  1. You can store photo exhibition room codes after they have been entered
  2. You don’t need to re-enter information (name, shipping address, etc.) each time you order
  3. You can temporarily save your selected photo list
  4. You can view the delivery status of photo orders and your photo purchase history
  5. You can combine and ship multiple orders together
  6. Even as a registered member, please note that fax orders cannot combined into a single shipment.
  • *If you do not login at least once within two years of registering or your last login, your membership information will be erased.
I can’t login to My Page.

Could you have possibly entered an incorrect password or email address?
Could you have used upper or lower case letters?

What is the exhibition room code?

■ What is the exhibition room code?
It is basically a password to view photos.

■ How can I get an exhibition room code?
The affiliated organization or event participants will distribute or notify you of the exhibition room code in advance. Due to security risks, we are not able to give out exhibition room codes, so we ask that you contact the organizations and event organizers directly.

Can I make purchases from a basic mobile phone?

You can view and purchase photos from a PC, smartphone, tablet, or Android-equipped mobile phone.

  • *All charges incurred when viewing photos are the responsibility of the customer.
What is the recommended operating environment?

In order to use this service comfortably, we recommend using it in the following environment.
Also, please use it in a state where the Internet communication encryption method “TLS1.2”, JavaScript, and cookies can be used.

[ computer ]

■ Windows

  • Microsoft Edge (latest version)
  • Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version)
  • * Internet Explorer will be deprecated due to the end of support from Microsoft.

■ Mac (Macintosh)

  • Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version)
  • Safari (latest version)

[ Smartphones / tablets ]

■ Android

  • Chrome (latest version)

■ iOS

  • Mobile Safari (latest version)
How can I add your domain to my mobile phone allowed list?

Sometimes, customers cannot receive emails from us because their domain, designated reception, and email content settings are restricted.
Please add the following domain to your allowed list: “MinnaNoOmoide.com”

Is this website safe and secure?

To view photos on our site, you will need to have an Exhibition Room Code. Therefore people with no connection to your photos cannot access the site.
In addition, photos that are displayed on our site are not linked directly with the photos on the server, creating a system where the photos cannot be printed or downloaded.

[ About Encrypted Communication ]

Our website and various forms on the website are protected by SSL Encryption Communication by cybertrust. You can use our website with peace of mind.

FAQ – When Making a Purchase

I don’t know how to make a purchase.
Can I save selected photos?
Only registered members can save selected photos. Photos are stored and saved automatically when you select them.
However, please note that photos will be removed once the exhibition room publication date has expired.
When do you choose photo sizes?
Once you have chosen photos to order, you can choose photo sizes at the confirmation screen. However, depending on the photo, there may only be one size available.
What payment methods can I use?
  • Credit Card Payment
  • Convenience Store Prepayment
  • Convenience Store Postpayment
  • COD (Japan Mail)
What shipping methods do you offer?
For Credit Payment, Convenience Store Prepayment, Convenience Store Postpayment, We ship using JAPAN POST YU-PACKET.
We use Japan Post for COD (Cash on Delivery).
How much is shipping and handling?

■ Shipping
JAPAN POST YU-PACKET: Since I am writing on the screen at the time of purchase about shipping fee, please confirm.
COD (Japan Mail): ¥550 (tax included)((nationwide uniform) *carriage included

  • *Same cost nationwide, no matter if it’s 1 photo or 100 photos.

■ Fees
Fee for Using Pay Before at a Convenience Store: ¥153 (tax included)(
Fee for Using Pay Later at a Convenience Store: ¥153 (tax included)(

FAQ – After Purchasing

Can I cancel an order after I’ve placed it?
Due to the way our processing works, we can not accept cancellations on any orders. Thank you for your understanding.
About how many days will you ship after ordering?
Your order should be sent within 10 days of being placed, however it may take longer during Golden Week, the end of year holidays, and other holidays.
We will send a tracking number to your email address when your order has shipped.
My order hasn’t arrived.
If it’s been over 10 days since you ordered and it hasn’t arrived, please contact us. TEL: 048-729-5278 (10am to 5pm, except Thursdays)
Can I specify a delivery time?
It is not possible to specify a delivery time. Thank you for your understanding.
Can you issue a receipt?

We do not offer receipts, however you can receive one in the following ways.

■ Pay Later
Please use the payment receipt once you’ve paid your invoice.

■ Convenience store prepayment
Please use the receipt that you receive at the store when you make your payment from the convenience store as a certificate.

■ COD (Cash on Delivery)
Please use the copy of the customer receipt given by Japan Post at the time of delivery as the proof.

■ Credit Card Payments
Please use the statement from your card company as a receipt.

Why didn’t I receive a failed delivery notice?
With the Kuroneko Delivery Service, the notice may have been placed in the post during your absence.
For COD (Cash on Delivery), a failed delivery notice will be placed in the post if you’re absent.
Can I track an order after it’s been shipped?

Please see the following for available tracking services.

  • *We will send a tracking number to your email address when your order has shipped.
I’ve lost my postpaid invoice.
Please contact us from the following URL for re-issuing.
Opening hours: 10: 00 – 17: 00 (excluding weekends and holidays)
Do you accept returns or exchanges?
We cannot accept returns or exchanges due to the way our processing works, no matter the reason.
Thank you for your understanding.