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About Interview Applications

Inquiries Regarding Exhibition Room Codes

Due to security risks, we are unable to reply to any inquiries we received about exhibition room codes.
Please contact the affiliated organizations or event organizers directly.

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Happy Smile Inc.

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Privacy Administrator: General Manager YOUSUKE OOWADA
Phone number: 048-729-5259

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For inquiry correspondence (including contacting the person in question)

4. Personal Information Consignment

We may entrust your information to external entities only for business operations and for purposes set forth in the preceding items. If we entrust your information, we have only selected subcontractors with a high level of personal information protection and have required the subcontractors to sign contracts for proper management and confidentiality when dealing with personal information.

5. Requests for the Disclosure of Personal Information

You may contact us about the disclosure of your own personal information via the contact information below. If you wish to contact us, we will confirm your identity and respond within a reasonable period of time.

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1750-3 Sashiogi, Nishi-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama 331-0047
Happy Smile Inc. Personal Information Inquiries
Email address:
TEL: 048‐729-5259(10am - 5pm*)

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